Design and Development of HMI keypad and Controller for Aircraft Refrigerator


The client is a leading aircraft galley inserts manufacturer in North America. They Design and manufacture galley inserts for Business and commercial aircrafts.


Business Need:

The Client was in need of aCost effective engineering and R&D services provider with expertise in embedded electronics & software technology for design and develop capacitive touch HMI keypad with backlight illumination and Controller PCB with TFT Display to control dual zone refrigerator.



  • Optimum sizing to meet customer specified size requirement
  • To reduce cost of manufacturing and ease of assembly
  • Robust Structural design
  • Material selection to meet12 sec vertical burn flammability requirements per FAA
  • Design of Controller PCB and HMI keypad to meet RTCA DO-160 requirements for environmental and EMI/EMC
  • RS485 software communication to Cabin management system for remote control and to display error messages
  • Optimized thermal analysis of the PCB for worst case operating environment, analyzing the steady state conditions & thermal hotspot



  • Successfully design and developed the HMI keypad along with controller PCB and TFT display
  • Delivered the complete engineering drawings along with engineering reports
  • Fabricated the first prototypes and tested for complete acceptance testing requirements
  • Reliability analysis of controller PCB and estimated the MTBF hours
  • Delivered User manual and CMM for operation and maintenance
  • Provided cost effective design, manufacturing processes and material selection
  • Tolerances stack up analysis for easy manufacturing and resolve assembly problem
  • In time project completion by proper project and resource management to meet the customer schedule