Design and Analysis of 28 – 270V DC Step up Converter, Forced air cooled Conduction Chassis


The client was an Indian defense laboratory, wanting to develop indigenous 10KW power supply.

Business Need:

The Client was in need of a technology based service provider, with analytical knowledge in resolving electronic thermal behaviours and a provider who could meet the military environmental requirements.


  • Optimum sizing to meet Military environmental and Vibration requirements
  • To reduce cost of manufacturing
  • Robust Structural design
  • Vibration to handle 2000Hz
  • Heat load profiling, Heat sink design & forced air cooling arrangement with suitable Fan selection for the purpose
  • Optimized thermal analysis of the system for worst case operating environment, analyzing the steady state conditions & thermal hotspot



  • Design of mechanical enclosure for 2KW modules and its thermal management
  • Analytical design of conduction cooled enclosure to handle the thermal loads generated from the electronic system, to increase the system reliability and performance
  • Structural analysis of complete system for vibration and shocks per environmental requirements
  • Provided cost effective design, manufacturing processes and material selection
  • Tolerances stack up analysis for easy manufacturing and resolve assembly problem
  • In time project completion by proper project and resource management to meet the customer schedule