CFD analysis for Aircraft Refrigerator /Chiller Unit


The client is a leading aircraft galley inserts manufacturer in North America.They Design and manufacture galley inserts for Business and commercial aircrafts.

Business Need:

The Client was in need for Cost effective engineering services provider with expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis to analyze the aircraft Galley equipment’s for steady state airflow characteristics and thermal distribution inside the unit chamber of Refrigerator/ Chiller Unit


  • Optimum sizing to meet customer specified size requirement
  • Defeaturing of 3D model to create an airtight model
  • Understanding the boundary conditions
  • Meshing & CFD run for analysis of temperature, velocity and volumetric flow under steady state condition by assuming zero heat ingress through side walls
  • Fan curve details
  • Deciding the goal positions
  • Identifying the Thermal Hotspots



  • Analyzed the present design and identified the thermal hotspots
  • Suggested the modified design for uniform thermal distribution
  • In time project completion by proper project and resource management to meet the customer schedule