Design & Development of Bezel for Smart Multi function Display


The client was an Indian defense laboratory, wanting to develop indigenous 10KW power supply.


Business Need:

The Client was in need of a cost effective product company, which can Design a bezel for smart multi-function display with push button, rocker switch and IR touch screen.



  • 5X5 & 6X8 inches size Aluminum bezel
  • Bezel Keys with illumination and compatible with night vision goggles
  • Design of Acrylic based push button and Rocker switches with green led light
  • IR based touch screen without glass
  • Optimum sizing to meet Military environmental and Vibration requirements
  • Chassis design to take care of thermal heat dissipation by conduction
  • Mechanical and electrical design to meet MIL-810F, MIL461 and RTCA D0-160


  • Prototype development for testing & validation
  • Manufacturing drawings for prototype development
  • Structural analysis and Thermal analysis
  • Power supply design.