DARIN III Upgrade Computer Test Equipment

DUCTE is basically a PXI Platform based Testing Hardware system with its associated Software for testing the Mission Computer Hardware (UUT)


  • The DUCTE provides MIL-1553B, RS232, RS-422/485, USB, Ethernet, Video, Synchro, Analog and Discrete Inputs to Mission Computer
  • The DUCTE will acquire MIL-1553B, RS-232, RS-422/485, USB, Ethernet, Video, Synchro, Analog and Discrete outputs of Mission Computer and display on the PXI Monitor / Video displays. Provision to monitor signals is possible through monitoring points or BIBO Box. The BIBO unit and VPSM has various toggle switches, Push Buttons and LED indications for Man Machine Interface (MMI)
  • PXI Based Data Acquisition System which consists of PXI based Chassis with Power supply units including Processor board, 19” monitor and 18 slots PXI backplane and with PXI based add-on interface modules to generate or acquire the required inputs and outputs to and from the Mission Computer The ATE facilitates the manufacturing line to test the full functionality of Open architecture computer including redundancy management. The ATE further facilitates the module level debugging to identify the faulty modules in the system