Manufacturing Drawing of Various Aircraft Components


The client is a leading aerospace components manufacturing company in the USA. They supply aerospace components to major aerospace OEM companies in the USA and required a manufacturing drawing for shop aid.


Business Need:

The client was in need for a cost effective engineering services provider with expertise in creating various manufacturing drawings such as (Assembly, Machining, Sheet metal and Tube bending) from Catia 3D models for aerospace industry.



  • Knowledge of aircraft Materials
  • Application of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD & T)
  • Detailing of parts and assemblies in a two dimensional view, strictly following the ANSI Y14.5 standards
  • Detailed drawings of sectional views, detailed views, auxiliary views and projection views for the ease of Inspection and Manufacturing
  • Multiple levels of quality checks to ensure that errors are kept to the bare minimum



  • Generated manufacturing drawings in solidworks format
  • Tolerance stacks up analysis for assemblies.
  • Coordinates for 3D tubes
  • Drawing checking for error free drawings