Reverse Power Sensing Module

Reverse Power Sensing Module 32 bit controller based Power Sensing module gives you highly accurate 3 Phase power readings. The flexible set values can help the plants to switch off / on the Solar power Inverters as per requirement. Relay and RS 485 outputs are available for interfacing with the external world. Features: Operating Voltage […]

Inverter Module

Inverter Module FV-INV-2803 , DC-to-AC inverter is a small, lightweight inverter designed to provide a reliable source of 21-volt, 50 Hz AC power. The voltage and frequency of its pure sine wave output remains stable regardless of input fluctuations. Features: Operating Voltage : 18-32 VDC Power : 3 watts Max Output voltage : 21 VAC […]

High Voltage Power Supply Module

High Voltage Power Supply Module HVPS is a DC-DC Power supply module with 28V DC Input and 5000V DC output. Inbuilt Reverse Polarity Protection, Soft starter, RS232 and TTL Interface options make it very modular. Power supply module has built-in microcontroller for health monitoring.   The system is designed using latest power electronics technique with […]

Step Up Converter Module

Step Up Converter Module Step Up Converter module is a DC-DC converter with 18-36V DC Input and 270V DC output @ 10 KW power for Defense application Features: Input Voltage : 18-36 VDC Output Current : 37 Amps max Output voltage : 270 VDC Efficiency : 80-85% Operating Temperature : -20°C to +65 °C Meets […]